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Laguardia Airport Id Checker?s Salary Forces Her To Survive On Church Pantry

RELATED: THOUSANDS OF AIRPORT WORKERS MAKE MINIMUM WAGE, NO BENEFITS McKeever said check this out she nets about $260 a week and lives in a Section 8-subsidized apartment that costs her $311 a month. But she has been struggling to keep up and now owes $3,999 in back rent. Im in a pit, and I cant get out, said McKeever, who has a 25-year-old disabled son. RELATED: AIRLINES GETS $2.7B IN LOANS, WORKERS GET LOW-WAGE JOBS It hasnt always been this way for McKeever. She said she used to make decent money working for the city and the Ramada Inn hotel chain. RELATED: DE BLASIO PROMISES TO HELP LOW-WAGE AIRPORT WORKERS Ive done all kinds of jobs jobs that treated its employees like they were somebody, she said. Lacking health insurance, McKeever hasnt seen a doctor in two more? info? years.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/laguardia-airport-id-checker-survives-church-pantry-article-1.1589883

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