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How Amazon Is Using Its Brooklyn Studio To Do Fashion Right

Kim Kardashian 001-DrielyS-2683.jpg The studio's modern and sleek peripheral is a bit unassuming, considering the North Pole-like operations brewing inside. The bi-level space has 28 bays for styling, shooting and editorial processes, and is fully stocked with everything from photography equipment to video gear to editing material. Clothing racks line the interior, featuring jeans, chambray shirts and more. Models line up to pose for items from all three of Amazon's fashion sites: Amazon Fashion , Shopbop and MYHABIT . "With this new studio, we will now have a larger footprint in one of the greatest fashion capitals Kardashian of the world" >> The exterior of Amazon Fashion's photo studio. "At Amazon, we focus relentlessly on innovating the customer experience, and we approach our fashion business through the same lens. We're always thinking about how we will raise the bar, how we will redefine the way the customer discovers, engages with, and shops for fashion online," Cathy Beaudoin, the president of Amazon Fashion, told Racked. "Our Williamsburg studio is a critical investment in the kind of high-quality imagery that inspires and educates our customers." With the studio, thecompany'soverallobjectiveistogivetheirinventory a more glossy, lessstockphotography-feel.
Full story: http://racked.com/archives/2013/12/09/inside-amazon-fashions-new-brooklyn-photo-studio.php

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