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Stevie Wonder, Leann Rimes, William Shatner Among Hollywood Christmas Parade Performers

The two-hour special will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Dec. 11 before airing again on the Hallmark Movie Channel on Dec. 20 and 24, while over 350 stations a including KTLA a will broadcast the event Dec. 20.AIt will also air to over 1 million American servicemen and women worldwide on American Forces Television Network. Erik Estrada,ALaura McKenzie,ADean CainAandAMontel Williams will host the event, which will also feature appearances from ADebby Ryan,ASusan Lucci,AWayne Brady,AMarie Osmond, Taylor Hicks,ALarry King, Joe MantegnaAwith the cast of "Criminal Minds," and stars of "The Young and the Restless" to celebrate the soap opera's 40th anniversary.
Full story: http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=838872

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